France: Caviar towards a shortage for the 2021 holidays

Published Dec 3, 2021

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"I would do anything for caviar", admitted Henry Kissinger, the famous American diplomat. For the late 2021 holidays, fans of these non-ovulated, unfertilized sturgeon eggs are likely to expect some shortage, with supply far below demand. And therefore higher prices than in previous years, especially for the best references, from beluga sturgeon (Huso huso), osetra (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), and Chinese hybrid (crossing Huso dauricus and schrenkii). Already at the end of 2020, a + 10% increase in wholesale prices had been noted by European traders, such as the Luxembourg company Gourmet Trade. Led by Iranian Ali Motahari, it was one of the first to import caviar from Chinese aquaculture, in mid-2000.

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Today, it also gets its supplies in Italy - the world's second largest producer behind China -, in Poland, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Germany, Iran, and of course offers French origins, mainly from Aquitaine, especially Acipenser baerii. , because of a clientele attached to the production of sturgeon caviar born, raised, and prepared in France. The Caviar d'Aquitaine association, which brings together four breeders from the South-West, announces that it has produced 36 of the 43 tonnes of French caviar in 2019 (third largest producer in the world). At the end of 2020, faced with a market disrupted by the pandemic (restaurants and airports closed, cruises in the harbor, etc.), its manifesto recalls that "unlike other countries, the sturgeons produced by the association are fed with food made up of flour and oils of fish, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. No PAT (proteins of terrestrial origin) or GMOs ". A useful mention to stand out in a global market which may include products with ...
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