Chicken is the main product in the export of Ukrainian halal meat

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Published Jan 27, 2022

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This was announced by Victoria Nesterenko, director of the Certification Center "Halal Global Ukraine", reports "Despite all the consequences of the COVID pandemic, interest in halal products and services in the world is growing steadily. According to the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, the global market has grown from $ 4 trillion (in 2017) to $ 7 trillion (in 2021) in five years, ”the statement said.

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Although Ukraine has not yet achieved leadership positions in this area, the Ukrainian Halal Industry Association Ukrhalal regularly monitors and analyzes market dynamics and monitors domestic producers that increase the country's export potential. Based on these results, we managed to update the export map of Ukrainian halal products and the rating of its largest buyers. "Most of the batches of halal chicken produced by certified companies were exported to Saudi Arabia. Next in the ranking are Azerbaijan, Mali, Kuwait and the Maldives. Vietnam's imports of Ukrainian chicken have increased significantly, and Kyrgyzstan has become a new importer. It is also interesting that halal products from Ukraine are bought not only by the countries of the Arab-Muslim world, but also by some European ones, such as the Netherlands and the territory of Gibraltar, ”Nesterenko said. In total, almost 40 countries in Africa and the Middle East bought Ukrainian halal chicken last year. However, ...
Source: Agravery
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