China immediately suspended the import of Taiwanese mangoes

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Published Aug 22, 2023

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China has suspended the import of mangoes from Taiwan due to the detection of the pacific rotten scale insect. However, the suspension will have a limited impact on China's mango production and sales, as domestic demand for mangoes is high and the majority of exports go to other countries like Japan and South Korea. The Ministry of Agriculture expressed regret over China's decision to suspend trade without scientific dialogue, as it is inconsistent with international practice.
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The General Administration of Customs of China today (21) has suspended the import of mangoes from Taiwan on the grounds of the detection of the pacific rotten scale insect in mangoes exported to China. The Ministry of Agriculture stated that this year's domestic mango production is about 170,000 metric tons It only accounts for 2.2% of the total output. Mango is a domestic demand fruit. It is mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places. Measures such as domestic and export sales to ensure that farmers' income will not be affected. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Administration of Customs of China announced today through the "Cross-Strait Agricultural Products Quarantine and Inspection Cooperation Agreement" platform that the import of Pacific scutellaria scale insects was detected in Taiwanese mangoes, and the importation will be suspended from now on; There are more than 5,600 batches of mangoes. Only on June 15th and August 3rd this ...
Source: Agriharvest
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