China will regain market share on ginger in the coming year

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Published Oct 27, 2023

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The ginger harvest in China is expected to have good yields and quality, with larger export volumes available due to the country's expanded growing area. However, it is uncertain if these volumes will be shipped to Europe, as more ginger is being exported to other markets like the US. The market situation for ginger is expected to relax considerably from mid-January, and Chinese ginger is currently more popular in Europe despite higher prices compared to Peru due to the size of the tuber.
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The new ginger harvest is currently in full swing in China and will be prepared for export to Europe from December. The first shipments are usually expected after New Year's Eve. According to the first reports, both the yield and the quality of Chinese ginger should be good, says Ralf Settels of Jiahe Food. “Due to the expansion of the country's growing area, larger export volumes are now likely to be available.” However, it is uncertain whether the volumes will actually be shipped to Europe, he says. "More and more ginger is going to other markets. Peru now exports about 70% of its total exports to the US. In terms of the new crop, we are in a situation where there is a smaller crop available in Peru, while in China there is there is an abundance of product available. As far as I know, container prices from China to the US have also become slightly cheaper, which means that people in China are also looking for new markets. The question now is how large the volumes will ultimately ...
Source: AGF
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