Chinese farmed shrimp prices remain stable, but importers remain cautious

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Published Feb 3, 2024

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Shrimp prices in Guangdong province, a hub for shrimp farming in China, surged to over 60 yuan per kilogram ($8.44/kg) in early 2022 due to early harvesting caused by cold weather and disease outbreaks. Prices later fell to around 53 yuan/kg. In Zhanjiang, China's shrimp capital, a record harvest led to a temporary price cut. However, prices for imported shrimp from Ecuador have increased, dampening enthusiasm among Chinese buyers. Prices for live and fresh shrimp in China are expected to double ahead of the Chinese New Year.
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In Guangdong province, a center for shrimp farming, prices for size 60 shrimp per kilo rose to more than 60 yuan per kilogram ($8.44/kg) in the first and second weeks of this year, before falling to around 53 yuan/kg in 3-4 weeks. Haid Group, China's leading aquafeed company, said farmers had to harvest shrimp early due to cold weather and disease outbreaks. “As the Spring Festival approaches, there is an expected upward trend,” Haid Group said last week. In Zhanjiang, known as China's shrimp capital, a record harvest at local greenhouses has prompted some distributors to temporarily cut prices, Chinese-language news service Fish First reported. Jiangsu province reported stable prices, while shrimp farms in Shandong saw prices decline slightly amid expectations that seasonal demand has not yet peaked. For imported shrimp, export offers from Ecuador are higher than last month, with suppliers offering $5.40/kg for size 23/30, $4.70/kg for 30/40 and $4.50/kg for 40/50. Quanlian ...
Source: Fishretail
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