Demand for Australian products Increase in Japan despite strict alcohol regulations

Published Aug 25, 2021

Tridge summary

The Japanese cider industry has grown rapidly in recent months, partly because importers traditionally importing wine are looking to diversify their portfolios, especially Australian cider. It has become a popular product among consumers in Japan.

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Australia's "Modern Cider" uses a blend of apples for cider and apples for cooking, resulting in a lighter, easier-to-drink cider, "said the owner of the cider company inCider Japan, the cider industry. Lee Reeve told Food Navigator-Asia. "This cider has been proven to suit the tastes of the Japanese, and we use apples that are familiar to the taste and are easily available in Japan (Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala apple, etc.)." "Conventional ciders come in 750ml bottles, which many people have a hard time drinking, but Australian ciders often come in 330ml bottles and cans, which for Japanese consumers. A small amount is easier to drink and you can drink it all at once, so it feels more familiar and attractive and has a big impact. " We also predict that the first boom and first crash of cider will occur in Japan. "Cider is in the first boom, just as the craft beer boom was in Japan about 10 years ago, but that also means that there is a first crash," Reeve said. talk. "In Japan, the ...
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