Chilean citrus industry closed its worst campaign in five years

Updated Mar 27, 2023
Lemons led a decline that also affected tangerines and oranges. The total export figure amounted to 268,583 tons in 2022, a decrease of 32% compared to the previous year. Redagrícola Team The evaluations of the last season have been tough for Chilean citrus growers. The figures showed a significant decline in production and export volumes, leading to figures not seen for five years. Spring frosts explained a good part of the fall in production this year, which restricted harvests for the remainder of the season. This was added to other factors such as inflation, the rise in fertilizer and transportation costs. "It is not easy to stay in the market, there is a lot of competition, new demands and adverse seasons hit the waterline of many," says Juan Enrique Ortúzar, President of the Chilean Citrus Committee, about the 2022 citrus season. The difficult scenario is described in detail by the iQonsulting e [email protected]ón citrus yearbook, which indicated that citrus exports from ...
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