Brazil: Cláudio Castro government makes R$ 2 million available to milk producers in Rio and raises the ceiling for low-interest loans

Published Jan 23, 2023

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In January, the International Cheese Day (20/01) is celebrated and, in addition to the fact that the delicacy adds people to the table, it opens up opportunities for business, jobs, income and even tourism. So much so that in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the State Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Supply (SEAPPA) offers funding programs for legalization, aid and expansion of the capacity of Rio de Janeiro producers.

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With the Rio Leite Program alone, focused on financing milk producers, the raw material for cheese, the secretariat has supported 84 projects in Rio de Janeiro, financing around BRL 2 million since July 2020 to structure their productions and add value to the products developed within of State. The short- and medium-term return measure was so successful that recently the ceiling for entrepreneurs' investments rose from BRL 25,000 and now there is a limit of BRL 40,000 to structure businesses. - In a slice of cheese is the dream and work of many people. We invested BRL 2 million in micro and small companies in the dairy sector because we know the vocation of several cities, mainly in the interior of the state. These projects make a difference in the lives of these entrepreneurs, who create job opportunities, income and stimulate the economy of their cities. Our secretariat's planning, through the Prosperar Program, is to contribute over 100 projects, with funding of around R$ 5 ...
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