Colombia supplies the US market with high-quality limes during the first quarter

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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Colombia exports its highest quality limes to the US between January and April, accounting for 5% of total US lime imports. The US lime market is predominantly dominated by Mexico, which contributes 95% of all limes annually. The remaining 5% is primarily supplied by Colombia and Peru. Lime prices tend to drop significantly when Mexico enters the market due to increased supply. Despite high prices, the supply remains steady, preventing shortages. The growing Latino population in the US has led to an increased demand for limes, a staple in Latin cuisine.
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Between the months of January and April, while Mexican lime volumes fall, Colombia takes advantage of this window to send its best quality limes to the US, reaching 5% of the total quota of limes imported to the US by anus. "Mexico dominates the US lime market," says José Manuel Villacís, SVP of Latam for Exp. Group LLC. to "Once the Mexican season starts, all other origins disappear because their production volumes are so high that no one can compete." In terms of total import volumes to the US per year, Mexico represents 95% of all limes that arrive in the US annually. The other 5% is mainly covered by Colombia and, to a very small extent, Peru. This year, Villacis expects there to be no particular challenges during the Mexican season, adding that "prices will drop considerably once Mexico enters the picture because supplies will increase substantially." Villacis states that Colombia is currently exporting very high quality limes, and believes they still ...
Source: MXfruit
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