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South Korea: Confirmation of supply plan for rice, soybean, and red bean seeds for sowing next summer

내년 하계 파종용 벼·콩·팥 종자 공급계획 확정
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Dried Adzuki Bean
South Korea
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Mar 8, 2022
From Aflnews
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The government-supplied species supply plan for next year's summer crop production has been confirmed.
Ministry of Agriculture and Food The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced on the 7th that it had confirmed the supply plan for rice, soybean and red bean seeds to be used for sowing next year in the summer for stable production and quality improvement of food crops. As for the varieties to be supplied next year, the amount of supply for each crop was determined through consultation with each city and province, reflecting the policy directions such as raising the self-sufficiency rate of food crops, upgrading the quality, and promoting agricultural mechanization and the demand of farmers. Reflecting the supply-demand trend in consideration of high-quality rice and consumption, the company plans to supply 25 varieties of high-quality rice, including Saecheongmu, Samgwang, Ilpom, and Chamdream, and 21,800 tons. Soybeans are suitable for paddy cultivation, and by expanding the varieties with excellent yields, it is decided to supply 1292 tons of 9 varieties ...
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