Consumers in Egypt outraged and farmers happy with high onion prices

Updated Jun 3, 2023
Egypt, according to EastFruit, is now the main supplier of yellow onions to the markets of Eastern Europe and the European Union. Local onion producers are very pleased with the season, which is already drawing to a close in Egypt, as they have managed to make very good money this year due to the high demand for their products.
Moreover, due to such a high demand, even complaints about the quality of the supplied products were received much less frequently than usual, since importers also made good money on onions from Egypt. However, domestically, millions of people are extremely dissatisfied with the situation with the price and quality of onions, and they say that low-income citizens cannot afford to buy this vegetable, which is indispensable for cooking local dishes. The fact is that the factor of the devaluation of the local currency was added to the factor of the growth of wholesale prices for onions in Egypt, provoked by a sharp increase in exports. The Egyptian pound nearly halved in value in a year, and the dollar-denominated wholesale export price of onions more than doubled as well. As a result, onions in the domestic market have risen in price by four or more times. See also: Enough onions for everyone – Egypt is ready to export 1 million tons of onions from the 2023 crop But this is not all ...
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