Countries affected by the Russian and Ukrainian war attacks

Published Oct 3, 2023

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The Russian-Ukrainian war has had a significant impact on the global economy, particularly on the prices of commodities like wheat. This has affected countries like India and Egypt, both major importers of Russian goods and wheat respectively. The conflict has led to increased costs, disrupted trade routes, and forced infrastructure projects to be canceled, causing economic difficulties for these countries.
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UKRAINE - The Russian-Ukrainian war had a major impact on the international world, especially in the global economy. Considering that Russia and Ukraine are among the main commodity producing countries, the ongoing conflict slows down economic growth and drives inflation. Prices of foods such as wheat are reported to continue to soar. As we know, 20 percent of global exports of wheat come from Russia and Ukraine. This of course has a big impact on wheat importing countries. The following are five countries affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 1. India India is the second largest importer of Russian goods. Of course, the Russia-Ukraine war has a direct impact on India's economic relations with the two countries. This conflict causes costs to rise and narrows trade transportation routes. The fallout from this war also hampered Indian investment into companies based in both countries. Reporting from Tax Guru, the Russia-Ukraine war forced a number of infrastructure projects to ...
Source: Okezone
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