Crisis in the dairy sector of Brazil: A lot of talk and few effective measures

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Published Nov 22, 2023

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Dutch cattle breeders in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, are facing a significant decline in the price of raw milk due to consecutive years of drought and floods. The president of the Rio Grande do Sul Dutch Cattle Breeders Association believes that while there is talk of solutions, there has been little actual action taken to address the problem. However, a study suggests that the price of milk to producers could see a small increase or stabilize after a series of price drops.
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While the so-called “Brazilian average” price of raw milk to producers reaches R$ 2.00, according to research by the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea), at the University of São Paulo (USP), released at the end of October , Dutch cattle breeders in Rio Grande do Sul are suffering from an even more pronounced decline, after consecutive years of drought and floods that devastated some regions of the state. And the outlook is for a less than encouraging scenario in the short term, according to the president of the Rio Grande do Sul Dutch Cattle Breeders Association (Gadolando), Marcos Tang. In Tang's opinion, the problems drag on without effective measures being taken to resolve them. “What we see is that there is a lot of talk in terms of solutions, but little effectiveness and concrete action.” According to Tang, after so many falls, it seems to have reached the point where the price will stagnate or see a small increase. “This is expected by producers and, ...
Source: Agroemdia
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