Current situation of vegetable production

Published Jun 24, 2020

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There is a very wide range of domestic fruit and vegetable production. Fruitveb provides an overview of this in his article.

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Melon is grown on 3.7-3.9 million hectares worldwide. Where climatic conditions are suitable for cultivation, some type is certainly grown. In the less developed countries, its cultivation is growing rapidly. In Europe, significant reorganisations have taken place in production over the last 4-5 years, which has also had a major impact on market developments. Watermelons In developed countries, thanks to melon breeding, more and more varieties of different shapes, colors and sizes are appearing. The rate of cultivation of seedless varieties is growing rapidly. Newly bred varieties have a higher sugar content, thus also encouraging consumption. Modern hybrid varieties are no longer produced not only in developed countries but almost everywhere in the world instead of traditional constant varieties. The quality of production is constantly improving, and so are the yields. Thus, in recent years, even without a significant increase in area, the amount of harvested crop has increased ...
Source: Agroinform
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