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Demand for Egyptian mangoes will peak in the coming weeks

"De komende weken zal de vraag naar Egyptische mango's pieken"
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May 11, 2022
From AGF
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The cultivation of Egyptian mangoes is increasing year after year. Although a large part of the harvest is intended for local consumption, more than 60,000 tons will be exported this year. Amr Kadah, CEO of export company Fruit Kingdom, thinks Egyptian mangoes will be really competitive in price this year. According to Kadah, the mango thrives in Egypt and the acreage is increasing every year. "Mango is the second largest fruit crop in Egypt after citrus."
The number of mango farms continues to increase in Egypt. The cultivation is mainly expanding in Upper Egypt and the west, where there is a tropical climate. The harvest in these areas takes place about a month earlier than in the north of Egypt. The Egyptian acreage is currently more than 120,000 hectares and the export capacity is 60,000 tons. Egyptians love mangoes, so the local demand far exceeds the export demand. “Even the government encourages mango cultivation,” explains Kadah. “The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture is promoting the expansion of the cultivation of foreign varieties such as Keitt, Kent, Naomi and Tommy, which are resistant to weather changes and transport, but it is also launching campaigns to promote local varieties abroad, such as Tymor, Awees, Indian, Alfons, Sukarya, Senara, Zebdya, Mabrouka, Sideeka and Fagr Kelan." Although Kadah expects a good mango season this year, he says that exporters will face a number of challenges, one of which he calls the ...
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