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Dried fruits and vegetables fight for their place on Spanish tables

Updated Aug 29, 2021
This is summarized by the different sources contacted by Efeagro, who see that they have potential as a healthy, rich and easy-to-transport product but that can go unnoticed by consumers when associating, especially dehydrated fruits, with specific celebrations, such as Christmas. The Navarra company Trevijano, which offers some thirty dehydrated products, such as soups, rice, quinoa and couscous accompanied by vegetables and legumes, among others, recalls that dehydration is a technique that has been in Spain for years, but dehydrated dishes have been one more step. “In supermarkets, there was no such category (and it does not exist in many). Little by little, as we expand our range, and so do other companies, we get more presence in the supermarket and, therefore, more consumer awareness, "explain company sources. They emphasize that this type of offer is "a good way to preserve the food that leaves the field at its optimum moment", thus reducing food waste, and allowing the ...
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