Dried fruits were exported to 94 countries from the Southeast of Turkey

Published Sep 22, 2021

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Stating that a total of 870 million 251 thousand dollars of dried fruit and products were exported from Turkey in the 8-month period of 2021, 172 million 348 thousand dollars of this figure, which is a 20 percent share, was exported to 94 countries by exporters from the Southeast, President Mehmet Çıkmaz congratulated the regional exporters.

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Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association President Mehmet Çıkmaz stated that a total of 172 million 348 thousand dollars worth of dried fruits were exported from the region in the 8-month period of 2021. announced that other dried fruit came in third place with 16 million 598 thousand dollars. In the 8-month period of the year, President Çıkmaz had 9 million 511 thousand dollars of dried figs, 2 million 869 thousand dollars of walnut varieties, 2 million 538 thousand dollars of other roasted fruits, 2 million 458 thousand dollars of apricot and currant seeds, 2 million 46 thousand dollars of roasted chickpeas from the Southeastern Anatolia Region. and 1 million 92 thousand dollars of pine nuts, almonds, seedless raisins, dried plums, milling products and dried apples, he added. DRIED FRUIT IS EXPORTED TO 94 COUNTRIES FROM SOUTHEASTERN Adding that the dry fruit exporters who are members of our Union exported dried fruits and products to a total of 94 countries ...
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