Ecuadorian kirin fruit will soon be exported to China with zero tariff

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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Ecuador's President has given the green light to the Ecuador-China Free Trade Agreement, enabling Ecuadorian dragon fruits and blueberries to be exported to China tariff-free. The agreement, which will be effective within 60 days, will see China and Ecuador mutually abolish tariffs on 90% of tax items, with an immediate elimination of 60% of these. China is a crucial export market for Ecuador, with exports reaching US$5.291 billion from January to November 2023. The Ecuador Export Industry Association anticipates the most significant export growth in agricultural products like shrimp, bananas, flowers, cocoa, and fruits.
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Recently, the President of Ecuador approved the Ecuador-China Free Trade Agreement, and the agreement was subsequently submitted to China for approval. According to reports, the agreement will take effect within 60 days, and Ecuadorian dragon fruits and blueberries will enter China with zero tariff. In May last year, China and Ecuador officially signed a free trade agreement, and Ecuador became China's 27th free trade partner. According to the tariff reduction arrangement for trade in goods in the agreement, China and Ecuador will mutually cancel tariffs on 90% of tax items, of which About 60% of the tax items will have their tariffs eliminated immediately after the agreement comes into effect. China is Ecuador's second most important export market. From January to November 2023, Ecuador's exports to China were US$5.291 billion, second only to the United States' US$6.903 billion. The head of the Ecuador Export Industry Association (Cordex) said that agriculture The sector has huge ...
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