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Potato shortage and growing demand for imported strawberries, results of April 2022 in Serbia

Updated Jul 28, 2022
April of this year in the foreign trade of vegetables and fruits in Serbia was again marked by a sharp decline in potato exports and an equally significant increase in its imports. At the same time, imports of root crops (carrots, beets, radishes, etc.) decreased compared to the previous year. In the fruit trade segment, Serbian importers bought a record volume of garden strawberries, but reduced imports of oranges and some exotic categories. EF Trade Alerts. Serbia.
Vegetables The difficult situation with the shortage of potatoes on the Serbian market by April only intensified this season, provoking a further decline in exports and an increase in imports of these products. Thus, export deliveries of potatoes from Serbia in April 2022 fell by almost seven and a half times, and imports of this product reached an almost record high over the past few years! As a result, the country remained a net importer of potatoes, and its imports (8.3 thousand tons) were 29 times higher than exports (290 tons). It should be noted that the geographical structure of foreign trade in potatoes in Serbia has not changed since March: products from Serbia were supplied to the markets of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina), while the main imports were supplies of potatoes from EU countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.). At the same time, the demand for imported root crops in the Serbian market ...
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