Italy: EFSA asks to give more space to dairy cows

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Published May 17, 2023

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Ban the practice of keeping cows tethered in the barn at all times and give them sufficient space to move and rest. These are some of the recommendations of EFSA, in its scientific opinion on the welfare of dairy cows, in support of the revision process of the EU rules on the welfare of farm animals, which should begin in the autumn.

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EFSA has also published a second opinion on the welfare of ducks, geese and quail. Each cow, indicates the EU Authority, should have access to a total internal space, including an area to lie down, of at least nine square meters. EFSA recommends avoiding the use of farming systems, cages for ducks, geese and quail. In view of the update of the rules on animal welfare, the European Commission has requested several scientific ...
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