Egg prices rise due to the extreme heat that affects Lima and other regions in Peru

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Peru's ongoing heat wave is severely impacting the country's poultry production, leading to a significant increase in egg prices, according to the Association of Egg Producers of Peru (Aprohperu). The extreme heat is affecting the chickens' appetite, resulting in a 15 to 20% drop in egg production in some farms. The number of chickens has also decreased from 33 million in 2020 to 22 million currently, due to the heat wave and other challenges in the poultry sector.
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The spokesperson for the Association of Egg Producers of Peru (Aprohperu), Alex Jerí, warned today about the impacts of the heat wave in the country, which is significantly affecting poultry production and generating an increase in egg prices. . According to Jerí, excess heat is having an adverse effect on chickens, which has caused a 15 to 20% decrease in egg production on some farms. "The extreme heat is affecting the laying hens in a large percentage, resulting in a lower production of eggs available for the market. The heat reduces the appetite of the animals," explained Jerí. Likewise, he highlighted that, as a result of the heat wave and other problems in the poultry sector, the number of chickens on farms has decreased significantly in recent years, going from 33 million in 2020 to only 22 million currently. "There are about 15 million chickens that have never been vaccinated, which represents a latent danger for the poultry industry. The only viable solution is to release ...
Source: Panamericana
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