Egyptian pomegranate season starts with lower volumes and higher prices

Updated Sep 19, 2023
The pomegranate season will soon start in Egypt, with lower yields than last season, said Mohammad Hassan, Al Gamal's export sales manager for import and export. “This year's yields have been affected by climate disruptions, mainly temperature fluctuations and generally higher temperatures than last year,” Hassan said. “Egypt's usual export volumes are around 250,000 tons,” Mohammad said. "Most of the production is concentrated in the Asyut region, with areas of more than 4,200 hectares. The Al Badari center in this region is known for the international trade of pomegranates and there are currently many exporters and buyers active. Varieties offered are including 116, Asyut Al Badari and Wonderful Sahraoui. Despite the lower volumes, the quality remains good this year, with good brix and sizes ranging from 350g to 900g." According to Mohammad, the season starts with strong demand.
"Egyptian pomegranates have a stable customer base in Arab countries, Russia, East Asia, Canada, Sweden, Australia and the European market. Many countries grow pomegranates, such as India, Iran, Tunisia and other countries..., but we compete directly with Turkish exporters. I think Egyptian exporters will do well this season, thanks to the Wonderful and Al Badari varieties." “The season starts with higher prices than the previous season, which is directly related to the ...
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