The epilogue of corvina harvest in Argentina

Published Oct 17, 2022

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The Province of Buenos Aires is considering closing the Samborombón Bay in the coming days. Severe bad weather and a significant decrease in concentrations in the fishing area led to a reduction in discharges of more than 35 percent. INIDEP carried out two of the three planned campaigns

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The corvina season in the waters of the Samborombón Bay writes its final chapters. From the Directorate of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agrarian Development, they are analyzing the closure of the inland waters area of the Rio de la Plata in the coming days. The first week of October, Buenos Aires officials met with researchers from the INIDEP Coastal Varied Fisheries Program, an opportunity in which they shared the latest data from the sampling of landings. The researchers advanced results of the campaigns they carried out during the winter on cash. The harvest was characterized by prolonged periods of bad weather and a significant reduction in the abundance of the resource that generated the collapse of landings of the species. According to official statistics, up to October 11, there were declared discharges of 20,399 tons. Between January and September of last year, total corvina landings reached 27 thousand tons. “Anchovy and mackerel saved us,” says Sebastián Agliano. The ...
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