World: Coffee consumption will not be driven by traditional buyers but by Asia

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Published Nov 17, 2023

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Data from Euromonitor presented at the 29th Encafé suggests that despite slower growth in recent years, coffee consumption remains resilient globally. The demand for coffee is expected to come mainly from Asia rather than traditional consumers like the United States and Europe. In addition, the coffee market has potential for expansion in Africa and Latin America, and there is a growing trend towards developing new coffee products that overlap with other categories, such as sports and energy drinks.
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Despite not having advanced as expected in recent years, coffee consumption has remained resilient around the world. Uncertainties regarding global grain production continue, but what are the expectations for consumption? According to data from Euromonitor, presented by Rodrigo Mattos during the 29th Encafé, demand for the product will continue, but the big difference is that it does not come from traditional consumers such as the United States and Europe, but from Asia. According to Mattos, significantly greater demand is expected than today and in Asia the coffee market still has a lot of room to advance. "There is a lot of room to "steal" from coffee consumption, which is very large, it is a slow process, but we see that it has great potential," he said. In addition to Asia, the data points to Africa and Latin America as potential expanding markets for coffee. Among the trends for the coming years, Rodrigo highlighted that the coffee market could also find space with other ...
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