Excess moisture in the soil causes cassava to be replanted in Bagé, Brazil

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Published Dec 6, 2023

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Planting of cassava and sweet potatoes in Alegrete is delayed due to excess moisture in the soil, leading to the need for replanting in some areas. Phytosanitary issues persist in hardwood production areas, with fungal attacks on lettuce and caterpillar and snail infestations in cabbage beds. The weather in Ijuí has been favorable for vegetable crop development, with cucurbit crops showing improved growth and flower production, as well as increased borer infestation in trunk pumpkin crops.
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The planting of cassava and sweet potatoes is delayed in Alegrete (RS), and some areas established between the end of October and the beginning of November will have to be replanted due to problems related to excess moisture in the soil. In Quaraí, pumpkin and tomato producers are starting to harvest. In hardwood production areas, phytosanitary problems persist, such as fungal attacks on lettuce, and caterpillars and snails in cabbage beds. In Ijuí, the weather was favorable for the development of vegetable crops and work on crops. Cucurbit crops show greater branch growth and flower production, in addition to improved pollination and fruit setting. In trunk pumpkin crops, borer infestation in the fruits increased. Weather trend in the next few days On Wednesday (06/12), the rain gains strength again over Rio Grande do Sul. The passage of low pressure over the state will intensify the rain throughout the day. For the central-south region, including the northwest region of the ...
Source: Climatempo
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