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Exchange rate market and export pulses market situation in Myanmar

ငွေလဲနှုန်းဈေးကွက်နှင့် ပြည်ပပို့ကုန် ပဲမျိုးစုံဈေးကွက်အခြေအနေ
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Dried Common Bean
Myanmar [Burma]
Price Trend
Dried Adzuki Bean
Environmental Issue
Sep 24, 2022
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According to the foreign exchange market situation, the prices of exported soybeans fell again in the last week as the exchange rates fell again. What effect does this position have? Here's a look at the future.
The price of mung beans rose again to more than 20 hundred thousand per ton, and this week the price dropped back to less than 20 hundred thousand. Traders said that due to the drop in the exchange rate, the price of beans also dropped, and because the price of money was not stable, the transaction was cold and the price dropped. Due to the irregular weather conditions in India, plantations are damaged, soybean yields will decrease and mung bean prices will rise, traders are predicting that domestic mung bean prices will rise due to the situation mentioned in an Indian news report. As for red beans, there is no significant price drop. It is reported that the currency exchange rate has decreased, but it is because the balance is low. But it is reported that the transaction is almost non-existent. As for green beans, the price is stable in the Yangon market, and the price has decreased in the local markets. Despite the presence of Chinese exports, prices fell due to lack of ...
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