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Experts on three major edible oil prices rising across the board: China has the ability to ensure the safety of "oil bottles"

Updated Dec 18, 2020
This year, domestic edible oil prices have continued to rise, and the safety issue of "oil bottles" has become a hot spot for the people. In this regard, experts said that although China's edible oil is highly dependent on foreign sources, China's oil and oil production capacity continues to increase, and there are perfect grains and oils. The reserve system also has diversified channels for importing oils and oils. Therefore, China has the ability to guarantee the safety of "oil bottles". Since the beginning of this year, domestic edible oil prices have continued to rise. The price of rapeseed oil has risen sharply at the beginning of the year. Now that palm oil is hotly speculated, the three major edible oil varieties are facing a trend of rising prices across the board. What are the reasons for the rising prices of edible oil? Is my country's edible oil supply guaranteed? In interviews with reporters, some authoritative experts stated that China’s edible oil is highly dependent ...
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