The Director General of Fisheries announced the operation of two fisheries projects; Khuzestan ranks third in Iran in the field of fisheries production

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Published Feb 4, 2024

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Khuzestan province in Iran has been identified as a major fishing hub with the potential to breed various types of fish and shrimp, according to Morteza Suri, the Director General of Khuzestan Fisheries. The province has the capacity to produce over 50,000 tons of farmed shrimp and has successfully reproduced marine fish such as shank, grouper, sabiti, and sea bass. Ranking third in the country for fisheries production, fourth for aquatic catch, and second for aquatic production in domestic water resources, Khuzestan exported 29,340 tons of farmed and marine fish last year, generating over $124 million in foreign exchange.
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In an interview with ISNA, Morteza Suri pointed out that Khuzestan province, with the elements and components of aquatic production and suitable climatic conditions and the culture of breeding and consuming aquatic animals, is considered as one of the fishing poles of the country, and stated: a suitable breeding ground Types of cold water fish, warm water fish, shrimp, salt water fish (marine), sturgeon and other aquatics are the most important capacities of the province. He added: the possibility of breeding marine fish in cages in coastal waters, the potential of producing more than 50,000 tons of farmed shrimp in identified and prone areas in the province, the successful reproduction of some marine fish such as shank, grouper, sabiti and sea bass, the ability to use them optimally The 550,000 hectares of the Supreme Leader's land plan and the existence of 6 large aquaculture complexes are among the capacities of the province in the field of fishing industries. The Director ...
Source: Isna
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