Export of live animals: Brazil has a lot of room to expand its sales and the Biological Institute can help

Updated Mar 14, 2023
Since its creation, in 1927, the Biological Institute (IB-APTA), a research institution of the São Paulo State Secretariat for Agriculture and Supply, has been working to make agriculture in São Paulo and Brazil increasingly safe and competitive. One of these fronts, conducted by the Center for Research and Development in Animal Health, works to meet the demands of the livestock sector, related to the import and export of live animals (cattle and pigs) and their products, mainly bovine semen and embryos. For more than 20 years, the IB has carried out the differential diagnosis of reproductive and vesicular diseases in cattle. That is why it is constantly sought after to meet the health protocols required by importing countries, regarding brucellosis, IBR/IPV, BVD, bluetongue and enzootic bovine leukosis, foot-and-mouth disease and vesicular stomatitis. This notoriety is due to the fact that the IB is accredited in the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which gives credibility to the analyzes ...
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