Thailand: Farmers are being squeezed with high production costs

Updated Feb 19, 2023
Late last year to date Livestock farmers gradually came out to send out signals for help from the government continuously, chasing from the central region's egg farmer Payao Arikul, stating that the production cost of chicken eggs was 30% higher than the normal range from the price of grains, feed raw materials. soared up very high and stood tall Especially maize and soybean meal. As for the northeastern pig breeder, Sittipunt Thanakiatpinyo It is clear that the pig farms are facing the problem of rising production costs. From animal feed ingredients that are much more expensive
Not long after, Dr. Chaweewan Khampha, the Association for the Promotion of Chicken Farming in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King gave an interview through the media that The cost of raising chickens increases all around. may not be able to carry on If the state does not change the price of raw materials, animal feed - electricity cost - wages. The Association of Broiler Weerapong Panjawatanakul said in the same direction that The government should help take care of the price of raw materials for animal feed. I want to be sympathetic to the chicken farmer too. Not taking care of only farmers who grow crops, raw materials for animal feed, while Ampol Sanna, a duck egg farmer in Khon Kaen province, confirmed that the Russian-Ukrainian war making raw materials to produce animal feed more expensive And in the past, the government has increased the cost of electricity. As a result, the price of animal feed increases and tends to continue to rise. impact on the ...
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