Fish consumption can prevent stunting, but consumption in Indonesia is still relatively low

Published Mar 31, 2022

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My Agriculture — Fish is a food item that is quite easy to find in Indonesia, and is able to prevent stunting. However, it turns out that the level of fish consumption in Indonesia is still relatively low. This prompted the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to launch a movement to promote eating fish (Gemarikan). Launching from, the habit of consuming fish in Indonesia is also still relatively low. Director General of PDSPKP Artati Ardiati, stated that per capita fish consumption in Indonesia is only around 14.6 kg. In the last 10 years, there has been an increase in the number of 20 percent. However, when viewed from another version based on whole fresh fish absorbed in the domestic market, per capita consumption in 2022 is 39.7 kg. This number increased significantly compared to 2010 which was only in the range of 24.6 kg. Although it has increased, the number of fish consumption in Indonesia is still below that of neighboring countries, such as ...
Source: Pertanianku
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