Grain producers in Bulgaria are protesting, but not because of imports from Ukraine

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Published Sep 20, 2023

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Grain producers in Bulgaria are protesting for the second day in a row, demanding that the government extend the ban on grain imports from Ukraine. Deputy Delyan Peevski stated that the protesters are not asking for a ban, but for compensation instead. The protests began after the parliament decided to cancel the ban on Ukrainian imports, prompting the National Association of Grain Producers to announce a nationwide protest.
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At the same time, DPS deputy Delyan Peevski said that the situation is "very simple" and the protesters do not want a ban on imports from Ukraine, but certain compensations. Peevski was sanctioned for corruption under the "Magnitsky" law. He is cited by his opponents as a key factor in politics, business and the media in Bulgaria. The dissatisfaction of the grain producers was caused by the decision of the parliament to cancel the ban on the import of certain products from Ukraine. A proposal for this was made precisely by DPS, GERB and PP-DB. Despite their requests from Monday, on Tuesday the grain producers did not block the center of Sofia, but gathered in Dolni Bogrov. At their request, the Minister of Agriculture Kiril Vatev arrived at the assembly point to talk with them. There, he said that the demands of the protesters, which could have been met immediately, had been met. Vatev also announced that Bulgaria has one month to declare what quantities of goods it wants from ...
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