Free soy: Old and new markets in the sights of Brazilian producers

Published Mar 15, 2023

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Brazil currently produces almost one million hectares of non-transgenic soy, that is, that which is not genetically modified – also called free soy. Even so, it is soy with high technology embedded in its seeds and which has a large world market to conquer. Brazilian free soy is sold mainly to Europe. There, consumers demand from retail chains products with a non-GMO seal, such as, for example, eggs, milk and a large part of the chicken sold on supermarket shelves. You might wonder what these products have to do with soy. Now, the animals are fed with feed that has conventional soy as an ingredient. However, they are stamps that attest to the origin of soy, but this is not the law in most European countries. Norway is the only nation that legally requires the entry of only non-transgenic soy. There, the salmon industry consumes the conventional grain in the form of Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC). This product may soon be used on a large scale in the pig industry as feed for ...
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