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French wheat exports slowed in December

Lelassult a francia búzaexport decemberben
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Jan 27, 2022
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Shipments of French wheat outside the European Union were lower last month than in November, as shipments to Algeria fell and no exports of feed barley were registered outside the EU during the month, Refinitiv data showed. In December, the sixth month of the 2021/22 season, a total of 808,000 tonnes of wheat was exported from France outside the 27-nation bloc, according to first estimates based on Refinitiv's transport data.
China was the largest non-EU destination for French wheat, with an initial estimate of 508,000 tonnes, followed by Morocco with 213,000 tonnes. This is still less than the 514,800 tons of wheat shipped to China in October, the highest monthly quantity in the Asian country to date in 2021/22. According to Refinitiv, about 33,000 tonnes of wheat were shipped to Algeria in December, after leading the country’s total exports in November and no shipments to the country in January. FranceAgriMer’s agricultural bureau last week cut its forecast for French wheat exports outside the EU to 9.0 million tonnes this season from 9.2 million in December, partly due to a stall in sales to Algeria attributed to traders ’diplomatic strife. No feed barley was loaded into consignments to non-EU countries in December, reflecting the fact that no cargo was launched in China either, with the Asian country dominating French grain exports this season. Exports of French beer barley outside the EU reached ...
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