Italy: Double the price of potatoes, expensive vegetables

Published Sep 28, 2022

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High prices also due to production problems.

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Potatoes double the price. Other than a safe haven in times of crisis. Also care for wholesale salads and vegetables. The most recent energy price increases will also affect, but it is above all the effect of a production problem. The low prices of spring, without forgetting the high costs, have reduced the programming. Today, despite the drop in consumption, there is less product and high prices. On the other hand, the price of fruit is more stable, with the persistence of the summer fruit with late peaches, last melons and watermelons. Waiting for the change of season, the first persimmons, chestnuts, pomegranates and, for citrus fruits, miyakawa are available. Baccini from Florence: “The situation should settle in two weeks” In addition to the unsustainable bills at the Florence market, they have to deal with flat demand. Aurelio Baccini, president of the local federation and deputy national of Fedagro explains this well, recalling: “The problems of production and changes in ...
Source: Myfruit
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