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Dai mercati: zucchine nazionali sempre su, volano le fragole

Dai mercati: zucchine nazionali sempre su, volano le fragole
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Jan 27, 2021
From Myfruit
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The prices of some vegetables were sustained, those of most of the fruit nailed. If national courgettes and aubergines are around 3 euros, the large mass of oranges does not often exceed the euro. There is not much movement even for fennel and artichokes. They hold prices and demands for apples and pears, but in the wholesale markets January is archived as another month of decline in terms of trade and sales. If this continues it will be a bad year. In Florence: "Below expectations", zucchini at 3 euros We begin tour of Italy among the markets from the square in Florence where we meet Aurelio Baccini, Fedagro national vice president and president of the Florence association, who paints the picture of the situation: “We are below expectations, we have modest sales compared to programs. Nothing is finished ”. To be clearer, he gives a quantitative example: "It's all underestimated, or if I thought I was selling a thousand quintals of a certain product, then I sell 700". ...
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