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Fruits have become more expensive this year: We are showing what will cost 141 percent more

Updated Aug 6, 2020
Already the latest inflation report of the Central Statistical Office (CSO) revealed that the price of fruit has gone down. At the CSO, the prices of only four fruits are observed in the detailed product list, but they have all become significantly more expensive. Apples cost 89%, lemons 45%, oranges 43% and bananas 12% more than a year earlier, wrote. The market price information system of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute monitors far more fruits, and this series of numbers is even rougher. According to the data at the end of July (narrowed due to the epidemic), raspberries were the most expensive in the two Budapest markets included in the statistics, HUF 2,980 per kilogram, followed by gooseberry (HUF 1,380 and HUF 1,780) and apricot (HUF 980, 998). If one compares these with the prices at the end of July last year, it can be seen that apricots (+ 96% and + 150%), idared apples (+ 141%), and yellow-fleshed peaches (+ 75% and + 141%) became more expensive. It ...
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