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Georgian producers predict reduction in hazelnut harvest

Грузинские производители прогнозируют сокращение урожая фундука
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Jun 9, 2022
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The official forecast for the hazelnut harvest this year is expected at the end of June, however, there are already certain expectations, and they are not very encouraging - according to the head of the Georgian Hazelnut Producers Association Georgy Todua, this year's harvest will decrease by 5-10 compared to last year thousand tons. “In general, the yield this year is not bad, but there will be no such indicators as last year.
According to preliminary observations, it can be concluded that by the end of the year 60,000 - 65,000 tons will be harvested, while last year this figure was 75,000 tons. Now the most important thing is to focus on the quality of hazelnuts, and for this it is necessary to comply with all standards of care, including chemical treatment,” said Todua. See also: In May, Georgia continued to export hazelnuts, but the price had to be reduced According to him, money needs to be invested for this, and this is a problem, since the price of nuts is expected to be low this year, respectively, most farmers do not have the motivation to make any financial investments. “This opinion is erroneous - prices will probably be lower than last year, but if the product is of high quality, it will bring considerable benefits anyway, so there is no reason for such pessimism. This year, nuts on the world market have fallen in price by about 35% compared to last year, but high-quality nuts can ...
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