Global blueberry market overview

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Published May 13, 2023

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The global blueberry market shows a varied picture this week, as some seasons come to an end, whilst some are yet to begin. In the Netherlands, an impending shortage looms from week 22 to 25 as Moroccan and Spanish blueberry volumes decline, resulting in a surge in prices. Germany, too, expects a scarcity of blueberries as Spanish and Moroccan supplies diminish, potentially leading to a shift towards smaller packaging options.

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Polish growers are closely monitoring the impact of night frosts on their crop, which could affect both volumes and berry sizes. On a positive note, Serbia anticipates a notable 15% increase in blueberry production for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, Spain's blueberry season is marked by lower production and higher prices, aggravated by water shortages. In South Africa and Zimbabwe, early blueberry seasons offer advantageous market opportunities. North America boasts robust supplies of high-quality blueberries, while Peru maintains its dominance in the Chinese blueberry market. Netherlands: Severe shortage expected in market from week 22 to 25Moroccan blueberry growers have had a very nice stable season on the Dutch market, where they were able to achieve fantastic pricing as the Spanish crop fell behind due to the cold front. Spanish blueberry production came into an uplift where 10-14 days ago it looked like the season would really burst in the Huelva region. However, this ...
Source: Hortidaily
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