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Global overview: Bell pepper market

Fresh Bell Pepper
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Jan 28, 2022
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The Netherlands & Belgium: Dark weather and energy crisis delay bell pepper harvestProduction in the Netherlands and Belgium has slowed down, both because of delayed planting and low-growth weather. The energy crisis, resulting in high gas and electricity prices, is the cause of this. In addition, January threatens to be a historically dark month. This also puts a brake on cultivation. Growers therefore report a delayed harvest of several weeks. The expectation is therefore that sweet pepper will be in short supply this spring. March is traditionally a difficult month when it comes to pepper availability, but due to these conditions, it could be even worse this year. The market will be keeping a close eye on Spain. Imports from the south start to drop at the end of February, as the quality often does. Notes next to sparsely stocked shelves in supermarkets with a message about quality problems are an annual phenomenon. So far, the quality of the supply from Spain has been good, ...
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