Goodvalley: The bet of Chilean dried plums in India

Published May 20, 2024

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Chile is the world's leading exporter of dried plums, with annual sales of approximately 75,000 tons to 77 countries across 5 continents. The industry has seen high international prices due to reduced production in California, France, and Argentina, coupled with increased Chinese demand. However, maintaining these prices is becoming challenging, and returns are starting to decline. Nonetheless, the future looks promising for the industry, with growing demand in China and India, despite initial competition. A tariff reduction is anticipated when Chile's President Gabriel Boric visits India in August, and since the second half of the previous year, Chile has been allowed to export tenderized dried plums to India without the need for fumigation. Goodvalley, a Chilean company, plans to produce and export 5,000 tons of dried plums this year, having made significant investments to improve its operation and logistics. The company is also diversifying its production to include various by-products.
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Chilean dried plums experienced two years of very good international prices - with some records in 2022 - as a result of the decline in production in California, France and Argentina, given weather phenomena, as well as an increase in Chinese demand. “Now, in 2024, we have tried to maintain the good prices of recent years, but that, without a doubt, will be difficult to maintain and we are already returning to the prices we had prior to this boom,” said Bruno Ceroni, commercial manager of Goodvalley, an associated company of Chileprunes. According to the executive, expectations in the medium term continue to be promising for this industry. “On the one hand, there is China, always demanding dehydrated and fresh products, although there is significant competition with Uzbekistan, which generated shipments to that country, very similar to those of Chile, around 20 thousand tons. In 2023, Chile exported 18.2 thousand tons to the Asian giant,” he added. Ceroni explained that another ...
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