Greater volumes of citrus from the southern hemisphere are expected in the United States

Published May 16, 2024

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Salix Fruits, a major player in the global trade of fresh citrus fruits, has initiated its Summer Citrus Program, marking the start of the lemon, mandarin, and orange seasons in the southern hemisphere. The season is expected to last from March to October, with variations in availability for each fruit. There is anticipated growth in citrus volumes from various countries, including Peru and Colombia, following a surge in US citrus imports by 34 million pounds from January to February of this year. However, the European market faces an oversupply issue with an influx of products from Spain, Morocco, and Egypt. The US citrus market heavily relies on imports due to domestic disease challenges, with Mexico being the primary supplier. South Africa also contributes significantly to the US citrus market. Salix Fruits aims to deliver high-quality fruits to its global customer base, maintaining its position as a leading player in the Southern Hemisphere citrus industry.
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( Salix Fruits, one of the leading companies in the import and export of fresh fruit, has already begun its Summer Citrus Program, marking the beginning of the lemon, mandarin and orange seasons in the southern hemisphere. The season started in March-April with early mandarins and will continue until October. "Lemons will be available from March to September, while oranges, starting with the Navel and continuing with the Valencia, will be available from May to October," said Alejandro Moralejo, general director of Salix Fruits. "Grapefruits will be available from May to August and Tahiti limes throughout the year in Colombia and Peru," he added. Moralejo pointed out that they expect a recovery in citrus volumes of almost all origins. The latest report from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that between January and February of this year, citrus imports by the US market increased by 34 million pounds compared to 2023. "After last year's climate challenges, ...
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