US: Hawaii’s famous macadamia nuts threatened by cheaper and undisclosed Australian imports

Published May 2, 2024

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A proposed law in Hawaii seeks to mandate disclosure of the origin of macadamia nuts used in food products, aiming to protect local farmers and build consumer trust. The measure, if passed, would become effective in January 2026 and would be a step towards preventing the misrepresentation of nuts grown outside of Hawaii as local products. This issue is of significant concern to Hawaii's macadamia nut industry, which has seen a decline in production and struggles with low prices for their nuts due to increased competition from other countries. The proposed solution addresses the challenge of local farmers not being able to find buyers for their nuts and highlights the importance of clear labeling to maintain the value and quality perception of Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts. The bill also emphasizes the need for improved processing capacity to enhance the competitiveness of locally sourced nuts. The outcome of this legislative move could not only bolster the local agricultural sector but also establish a model for other regions facing similar challenges with their distinct agricultural products.
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Honolulu: For decades, tourists to Hawaii have bought gift boxes of the islands’ famous chocolate-covered macadamia nuts for friends and family back home, but these days many of the kernels in the package might not be Hawaii-grown. This little-known fact is surfacing at the state legislature as it wrestles over a law that would force macadamia-nut processors of iconic brands like Mauna Loa to disclose whether their products contain nuts from outside the islands. Growers want the measure to protect their crops and farms, while commercial nut brands say what Hawaii needs is more capacity to process mac nuts locally. Foreign nuts are being “marketed cleverly as Hawaiian,” said Jeffrey Clark, chief operating officer of a trust that owns Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company. “It’s not clear to consumers what is Hawaii grown and what is foreign grown,” Clark told state representatives during a recent committee hearing. “It creates a problem for the farmers here in Hawaii.” Macadamia nut trees ...
Source: Watoday
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