Spain: High temperatures and humidity worry strawberry growers in Huelva

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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Farmers in Spain's Huelva region are grappling with challenges during the strawberry season due to high temperatures and humidity, leading to lower production. The weather conditions are encouraging the spread of fungi, restricting the fruit's distribution to local, national, and a few European markets, thereby reducing profits. Additionally, concerns over potential cuts to irrigation water supplies could result in an early end to the season. Huelva, with over 11,000 hectares dedicated to red fruit cultivation, primarily strawberries, is significantly impacted by these issues.
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Spain 02/20/2024 In Spain, in the Huelva region, farmers are worried at the height of the strawberry season. High temperatures and humidity seriously affect fruits According to local media, production is lower than in other years. Due to cold days followed by rain, fog, sudden rises in temperature and persistent humidity which provide an ideal environment for the spread of fungi. As a result, the fruits are limited to local, national markets or, in the best case, France or Germany, explains a local producer. The inability to export to other markets is reducing profits, at a time when there is also widespread concern over increasing cuts to irrigation water supplies, which could lead to the end of ...
Source: Fructidor
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