Higher prices for new items in Poland

Published May 5, 2024

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The article highlights the impact of delayed vegetation on the supply and pricing of various vegetables. It notes a decrease in the supply and increase in prices of radishes, dill, lettuce, and chard, while the price of field cucumbers has dropped. The supply of tomatoes is increasing, and asparagus prices have risen due to frost. The prices of young domestic potatoes have also dropped. There are issues with the supply of parsley, leading to a proposed price increase after the May long weekend. The article compares the prices of domestic and imported vegetables in April of this year to the same period last year, showing a decrease in domestic vegetable prices by 16.3%, but an increase in the price of potatoes by 80%.
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Original content

"It will take a few days for the delayed vegetation to make up for the losses. This is still visible in the reduced supply of radishes, dill, lettuce and chard; their prices have increased," Kmera said. After a several-day collapse in the supply of field cucumbers, before the May weekend, deliveries increased and the price dropped from PLN 13 to PLN 6-8/kg. The supply of domestic tomatoes is gradually increasing, the prices of raspberry tomatoes start from PLN 8/kg. Asparagus prices have gone up However, there were problems with the supply of asparagus. Due to frost, their prices went up to PLN 35/kg. There are more and more young domestic potatoes on the wholesale market - the Arrow and Irga varieties; in the last few days of April, their price dropped from PLN 20 per kg to approximately PLN 15. There are few so-called old potatoes, yellow varieties cost PLN 2/kg; for those imported from Benelux you have to pay PLN 2.5/kg - said the expert. Prices of domestic vegetables There are ...
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