Turkey: Hazulnut prices in Ordu have increased today

Updated Oct 17, 2022
It is noteworthy that hazelnut prices, which have been stuck at 44 liras in the free market in Ordu for about 2 months, have increased by 50 cents today, after a long time. The price of 50 yield shelled levant quality hazelnuts, which the Turkish Grain Board continues to purchase from 52 liras, was stuck at 44 liras, 8 liras below the TMO, in the free market in Ordu for a long time. There was an expected increase in the price of hazelnuts in the free market in Ordu.
In the free market in Ordu, the price of 50 yield hazelnuts increased by 50 cents to 44 liras and 50 cents. According to the yield, the prices are as follows; 50 yield 44.50 TL, 51 yield 45.39 TL, 52 yield 46.28 TL, 53 yield 47.17 TL, 54 yield 48.06 TL, 55 yield 48.95 TL, 56 yield 49.84 TL. Stock market and withholding tax are deducted from these prices. LICENSED WAREHOUSE WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM The manufacturers were pleased that Ordu Metropolitan Municipality did not take place for the licensed warehouse. Atakan Akça, President of Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor, our brother Dr. Hopefully, with the licensed warehouse that Mehmet Hilmi Güler plans to establish before the October parliamentary meeting, it will make a great contribution to the hazelnut producer. It will ...
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