How is the pork market globally?

Published Nov 16, 2022

Tridge summary

In Germany, farmers are resisting pressure from slaughterhouses to lower the price. The Vion slaughterhouse, which last week lowered its price to €1.85/k, that is, 5 cts below the reference, has raised it this week by those 5 cts.

Original content

The market is sufficiently supplied for the moderate needs of slaughterhouses. In the rest of the northern European countries, which normally follow the trend set by Germany, their prices have remained stable. In Belgium, the supply of pigs is currently well above the demand, even if production is in sharp decline compared to previous years. In France, the price of pork continues to fall. It has lost 24.4 cents since its highest level of €2,054/kg on October 6. In Spain, the price has dropped 1.4 cents/kg live. The weights have risen significantly, but remain below the same benchmarks as last year. The offers continue to be insufficient given the large sacrifice capacities of the companies. In the domestic market, the price of meat has stabilized but the export trade continues to be slow towards Southeast Asia. China is choosing to buy from South American suppliers at more advantageous prices. In Italy, too, the pressure from slaughterhouses is much stronger than in the meat ...
Source: Agrodigital
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