How meat prices have changed over the year in Ukraine

Published Aug 12, 2022

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During the year, all types of meat rose in price. The price of chicken liver, turkey carcass and beef ribs increased the most. This is evidenced by the price analysis conducted by the food delivery service. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the consumer price index and inflation continue to grow. In particular, this applies to meat products, because agriculture also suffered considerable losses due to the war.

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The most popular among Ukrainians is chicken, which is found in every 3rd basket of an online shopper. The cost of fresh chicken fillet increased by 18% over the year in Ukrainian supermarkets. In August 2021, the price on retailers' shelves averaged 120 UAH/kg, while this year it jumped to 142 UAH/kg. Chicken liver prices increased the most — by 51%. Chicken drumsticks in 2021 cost an average of 60.8 UAH/kg, now - 69 UAH/kg. Wings cost 77 UAH/kg, which is 12% more expensive than last year's price. In addition, the cost of a quarter of a chicken has increased significantly - up to UAH 73.4/kg, which is 33% more expensive. Buying minced chicken and cooking cutlets now will cost 20% more than in the same period last year. It is worth noting that it is more profitable for Ukrainians today to buy a whole chicken carcass. Oddly enough, compared to last year's price, its cost has increased by only 3%. Also, a slight rise in price is observed for chicken thighs, which cost an average of ...
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