How much pomegranate was exported from Iran? Pakistan is the first export destination

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Published Nov 2, 2023

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The top destinations for Iranian pomegranate exports in 1401 were Pakistan, Iraq, and Armenia. Other countries such as Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and South Korea also purchased significant amounts. In the first 6 months of this year, Iran exported 347 tons of pomegranates to Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, UAE, and Oman.
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According to Isna, based on the study, monitoring and commercial development office of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran; Pakistan was the first destination of Iranian pomegranate exports with the purchase of 8066 tons worth 3 million 608 thousand 909 dollars, followed by Iraq with the purchase of 3313 tons worth 1 million 477 thousand 598 dollars, Armenia with 4922 tons worth 1 million and 198 thousand 560 dollars, Turkmenistan with 2143 tons worth 964 thousand 97 dollars, Afghanistan with 1068 tons worth 472 thousand 466 dollars, South Korea with 498 tons worth 224 thousand 145 dollars, Russia with 416 tons worth 212 thousand dollars 1 thousand 992 dollars, Qatar with 257 tons worth 119 thousand 87 dollars, UAE with 216 tons worth 98 thousand 704 dollars, and Belarus with 96 tons worth 43 thousand 524 dollars in the second to 10th places of pomegranate export destinations, respectively. Iran was in 1401. Oman with 74.3 tons worth $33,702, the Netherlands ...
Source: Isna
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