Russia: Sanctions call into question further growth in tomato production

Published Mar 21, 2023

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Difficulties with the import of tomato seeds for protected ground caused by sanctions may call into question the further growth of self-sufficiency. Varvara Serdyukova, senior expert at the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR), said this during the form “Magnit and agribusiness: partnership in the interests of buyers”. According to her, protected ground tomatoes are a very vivid example of import substitution in Russia. So, over the past seven years, their production in the commercial sector has almost doubled. Market capacity during this time increased by 46%. But, despite the fact that self-sufficiency in tomatoes is growing, during the off-season, imports are actively coming to Russia. “The dynamics of imports is declining in terms of the intensity of product supplies <...>. Over the past seven years, import volumes have decreased by 18%, and this is a fairly confident indicator,” says Serdyukova. Azerbaijan was the leader in the supply of tomatoes in 2022, which ...
Source: AgroInvestor
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